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Himalayan Salt Exfoliation Treatment

[60 min.] This treatment consists in a thorough full body exfoliation using Himalayan Salt, aiming to restore the body’s vigor and well-being through its minerals, detoxifying, invigorating and renewing components.

Tropical Exfoliation

[60 min.] A tropical exfoliation that uses passion fruit properties to leave your skin with an exotic aroma and a soft and renewed touch.

Fango Body Wrap

[45 min.] This natural parafango treatment stimulates weight loss, shapes the silhouette and invigorates the skin.

Algae Body Mask

[45 min.] This deep detoxifying treatment deeply nourishes , leaving skin with a delightful fresh feel.

Mineral Hydration with Aloe and Lavender

[60 min.] This purifying treatment is based on white clay, which exploits the synergy of lavender and aloe oil to cleanse and moisturize the skin, leaving it radiant and smooth.

Lymphatic Drainage

[60 min.] A treatment based on slow, gentle, circular massage techniques to remove body toxins.

Lipo Sculptural Treatment

[45 min.] A treatment based on forceful, profound movements to remove cellulite.