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Tropical Treatment

[90 min] Immerse yourself in a combination of delightful procedures containing tropical passion fruit properties and aroma. A complete purifying exfoliation, followed by deep hydration and a relaxing body massage.

Body Cleansing Treatment

[90 min] [Ideal before exposure to the sun!]
This cleansing treatment removes dead cells, stimulates blood circulation and hastens cell regeneration. This full body exfoliation, followed by a deep moisturizing wrapping and finished off by a rejuvenating facial mask, is highly revitalizing and leaves the skin soft and radiant.

Nourishing Body Treatment

[90 min] This treatment removes impurities and moisturizes the skin. A full body exfoliation is followed by a mud wrap with essential oils – chamomile, rose and lavender – and a stimulating capillary massage.

Soothing Body Treatment

[90 min] This relaxing treatment renews the skin via the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants such as lavender, aloe and marjoram. The body wrap, followed by a soothing massage, is recommended for those overexposed to the sun and in need of immediate relief and deep moisturizing.