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Casas Brancas Blend

[50 min.] Highly relaxing, a massage combining various techniques to eliminate muscular tension.


[50 min.] Diverse techniques and sequences employing gentle but firm pressure for total relaxation of body and mind.

Deep Tissue

[50 min.] A massage combining deep pressure and slow movements to arrest muscle contraction and provide immediate relief.

Hot Stones

[50 min.] A massage using hot stones to relieve pain by relaxing tense muscles. Practiced since ancient times, the procedure balances and soothes both body and mind.


[50 min.] A Japanese technique that employs acupressure to stimulate pressure points, thus improving the energy flow throughout the body. The technique balances the body by channeling energy through the meridians to enhance the performance of the organs, as well as to achieve emotional, psychological and spiritual harmony.


[50 min.] A French technique designed to relax, drain and model the body by stimulating the glands as a means of reduction cellulite.


[50 min.] An ancient therapy linked to traditional Thai medicine, this massage relaxes and harmonizes through stretching and accurate pressure along the Sen, the channels through which the vital energy flows.

Casas Brancas Back Massage

[30 min.] A rhythmic back massage that relieves muscle tension and reduces the level o stress.


[30 min.] A pleasant foot massage that restores the healthy balance of the body through pressure to reflex areas.


[50 min.] Uses fragrant essential oils that act on the physical, mental and emotional planes, strengthening the nervous system and restoring energy levels.