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Casas Brancas Blend

Highly relaxing, this massage uses different techniques to eliminate muscle tension. It can be done on up to two people in the same room. [50 minutes].

Freestyle Deep Tissue

Deep pressure massage with slow movements aimed at reducing muscle contractions and providing immediate muscle relief. [50 minutes].


This treatment uses essential oils that act on the physical, mental and emotional levels, strengthening the nervous system and restoring energy. Three packages are offered: anti-stress, aphrodisiac and revitalizing. [50 minutes].

Hot stones

A combination of hot stones that relieves pain caused by tense muscles. An ancient practice that brings balance and relaxation to the body and mind. [50 minutes.]


Relaxing foot massage that uses a technique of pressure on precise points that act on reflex areas, restoring the body's healthy balance. [30 minutes].

Peaceful Pregnancy

It uses relaxing techniques to reduce back pain and swelling. This massage also helps reduce anxiety and improves mood. [50 minutes].

Back Ritual

This rhythmic back massage relieves muscle tension and reduces stress levels. [30 minutes].

Youth & Kids

It promotes considerable health benefits for children, such as the proper functioning of the immune, muscular and nervous systems. [50 minutes].


A variety of techniques and sequences in which medium pressure is applied to the muscles. This massage promotes complete relaxation of the body and mind. [50 minutes].