Recepção (24 horas): phone+55 22 99790-9544 / +55 22 2623-0303 | Vendas: phone+55 21 2018- 0382 (horário comercial)


• 24h Reception
• Room service from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
• Gym
• Free Yoga classes
• Restaurants
• Swimming pool
• Free parking
• Free Wi-Fi
• Meeting room


• Boat trip
• Fishing boat trip
• Rent of bugres
• Snorkeling
• Scuba diving
• Helicopter tour
• Kitesurfing
• Surfing


Casas Brancas Boutique Hotel & Spa was established in 1974, with only four rooms and when Búzios was just a remote fishing village.

Amalia de la Maria and Affonso Bebianno Montenegro jointly started the project of creating a small inn for adventurous tourists, interested in remote and poetic places.

With only one payphone located downtown, reservations were made. The streets were unpaved and the trip from Rio de Janeiro was a long expedition. Gradually, the couple developed a unique style in the space, incorporating objects of the local culture and hand picked pieces from travels abroad.

Over the years, new concepts and customs advanced, and Casas Brancas followed this growth, continuously modernizing, without losing the identity and without giving up their commitment to quality and style.

Currently, the hotel is still under the care of the same family, which ensures the permanence of its concept of hospitality and attention to detail. The same principles of excellence that accompanied the beginning of this trajectory more than four decades ago remain to this day. Finally, a diligent look at the reinventions required by the passing of the years also forms part of the place where the art of receiving well is treated with high priority.


With only one look at the map of Búzios, we notice that here, even geography conspires against boredom. There is no sign of monotony in the design of its coastal strip, all cut out, full of beaches and coves with their own personality. For 50 years, the peninsula has been magnetizing visitors since the mythical summer of 1964 when Brigitte Bardot stayed in the (then almost wild) seaside resort. The muse today lends her name to Orla Bardot, the strip next to the bustling Rua das Pedras; together, both streets offer designer stores, busy restaurants and the bustle of nightlife. At the tables, lively conversations flow in the most diverse languages, spoken by visitors from all over the world, arriving at the friendly resort attracted by sophistication, charm and glamorous nightlife.