Juca chips and guacamole

Deck´s bruschette

Filet Mignon Carpaccio
Thin sliced raw meat on rocket leaves, capers dip and grana padano

Prosciutto di Parma with melon

Thin sliced Parma ham served with melon


Pieces of white fish marinated in limejuice and herbs, selection of homemade bread


Cream filled búfalo mozzarela, foccacia, rocket leaves, sundried tomatoes, grana padano

Antipasti for 2
Parma ham, buffalo mozzarela, grana padano, olives, italian salami, dried tomatoes, marinated eggplant and peppers, selection of homemade bread

Caprese's salad   
Buffalo mozzarela with tomatoes and basil

Mixed Insalada
Mix of leaves, tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, boiled egg

Deck's salad
Rocket leaves, buffalo mozzarella, nuts, mango, housedressing

Spaghetti AL Pesto
Home made spaghetti in pesto sauce, basil, grana padano

Penne 4 cheese
Penne, blue cheese, mozzarela, búfalo mozzarela, grana padano

Penne Rigatte
Tomato sauce, buffalo mozarela, basil, grana padano

Tagliatelle au gorgonzola and filet mignon
Home made tagliatelle with blue cheese sauce and sliced filet mignon

Spaghetti Gambaretti
Home made spaghetti with prawns, rocket leaves and

grana padano

Neptune Tagliatelle
Home made spaghetti, octopus, prawns, cream sauce

Risotto with Parma ham and leek

Shrimp risotto with mango and rocket leaves

Seafood Risotto

Paillard of Filet Mignon with fresh pasta on mushroom sauce

Tornedor El Deck
Grilled Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables

Mixed grill for 2
Mix from the grill with picanha, chicken, pork sausage, traditional Brazilian side dishes

Grilled catch of the day with lime risotto   

White fish with dijon mustard sauce and steamed vegetables

Catupiry shrimp   
Symphony of the sea for 2
Octopus, squid, king prawns, filet of white fish, served with lime risotto

KIDS MENU - aup to 10 years of age

Grilled chicken with mashed potatoes   

Fresh spaghetti with tomato sauce

Gourmet Pizza

Al Pesto Gourmet
Pesto sauce, buffalo mozzarela, cherry tomatoes, grana padano

4 Formaggi Gourmet

Tomato sauce, grana padano, mozzarela, búfalo mozzarela, blue cheese, orégano

Salame Gourmet

Tomato sauce, italian salami, búfalo mozzarela, grana padano

El Deck Gourmet

Tomato sauce, búfalo mozzarela, cherry tomatoes, grana padano   

Parma Gourmet

Tomato sauce, mozzarela, buffalo mozzarela, rocket leaves, Parma ham, olive, grana padano

Gambaretti Gourme
Tomato sauce, prawns, mushrooms, búfalo mozzarela


Tomato sauce, mozzarela, basil and tomatoes

Tomato sauce, mozzarela and onions

Mushrooms ham
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, ham, mushrooms, oregano

Mushroom trio
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, sliced mushrooms, champignon paris, shitake, orégano

Chicken with catupiry cheese
Tomato sauce, mozzarela, chicken, catupiry cheese, orégano

Rocket leaves and dried tomatoes
Tomato sauce, rocket leaves, dried tomatoes, grana padano, mozzarela

Seafood Pizza
Tomato sauce, prawns, squid, octopus, garlic, rocket leaves, grana padano


Gourmet Pizza & Wine
2 pizzas of your choice & 1 bottle of wine 750ml

Gourmet Pizza & Chandon [Brut or Rosé]
2 pizzas of your choice & 1 bottle of Chandon 750ml

Chocolate mousse

Passion fruit mousse

Moist chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Flamed fresh fruits of the season with  vanilla icecream

Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate sauce

Traditional italian dessert

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