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Casas Brancas Blend

Highly relaxing, this massage uses different techniques to eliminate muscular tensions.


A variety of techniques and sequences where medium pressure is applied on the muscles. This massage promotes complete relaxation of body and mind.

Deep Tissue

Deep pressure massage and slow movements aiming to reduce muscle contractions providing immediate muscle relief.

Hot Stones

Massage that uses a combination of hot stones relieving the pain caused by stressed muscles. An old practice that brings balance and relaxation to both body and mind.


Japanese massage style that works on the energy system of the body using digit puncture. Its practice balances the body by distributing energy through the meridians to achieve the best functioning of the organs, as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual harmony.


French massage technique developed to promote relaxation, drainage and modeling. The bamboo massage stimulates the glands aiding in the reduction of cellulite.


An ancient therapeutic art of traditional Thai medicine. Through stretching and careful pressure along the Sen - channels through which, vital energy passes; this method promotes relaxation and balance.

Back Massage

This rhythmic massage, mainly on the back, relieves muscle tension and stress.


Feet massage applying pressure in the reflex areas; recovers the healthy balance of the whole body.


A treatment that uses essential oils that acts on the physical, mental and emotional planes, strengthening the nervous system and restoring the energies. Three packages are offered: Anti-stress Aromatherapy, Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy and Revitalizing Aromatherapy.